Thursday, August 27, 2009

Living In The Cruel World


I just noticed it's been over a month since my last post - that's quite a lot. Still, I have more followers and people are still coming back to check on me, so thank you.
I have to be better about this.

The reason why I disappeared for a while is just because lately I've been living in a cruel world. I have no time for myself, I'm struggling with work and money, trying to keep up with my own house, dealing with some housing-related stress... and a stalker.

The stalker stopped coming around about a couple of weeks after my last post. This has happened before, this girl started checking my every move on blog, twitter, social networks... and I stopped blogging because of this - it really really bothers me. But I don't think I should go out of my way because of this, right? So I've decided, back to my dear blog and if she bothers again, I'll just do something about it. For example, expose her - it's a good start.

Also, I got a second job, and I am struggling to get it right but I am being pressured (although this was part-time "work at your own pace and earn what you make" kinda thing), so that makes me even more stressed and tired...

And on top of that, my roommates decided to adopt a dog without warning us, and it's illegal in our complex. So not only do we have to hide it, but we need to put up with the constant barking and loud tv (starting at 6am), and shredded toilet paper all over the house. I kinda ignore it now, but a couple of weeks ago we got to a point that boyfriend and I were actually avoiding going home - it was that unpleasant.

Oh, and to spice up my very boring and unactive life, the evil bank decided to take about $1,000.00usd from my account just for no reason at all (they claim overdraft fees) leaving me with a negative balance of what comes now to -$250.00usd, and they won't let me close the account until I pay them another $250 to cover for the negative balance. I know, how can the negative balance we way below the amount charged in fees, sounds kind of impossible. All my statements show that they charged me overdraft fees on balances at least over $80, but apparently their system shows otherwise.

And when I decide to go release my stress with a nice hamburger, I find several PUBIC hairs attached to my french fries.

Yes, it's been hard living in the cruel world...


  1. oh wow, i don't even know what to say. i'm so sorry for everything! i really do hope that things start getting better for you. sounds like you've been having a difficult month, but hang in there.

    i was wondering where you had gone off to. the blogosphere missed you dearly.


  2. Oh, Lilize! I'm sorry you had to go through all that. Pubic hair?!? Pubic hair?!? Oh my!

    When I think I'd refrained from bugging you with comments on here because I thought you were on vacation and wanted you to enjoy it fully.

    No. I am not that stalker's cousin :p But I am glad you're back to writing on here :) Thank you for leaving comments on my blog. It always makes me smile :)

    PS. Wouldn't that image be perfect if it were centered? ;)

  3. omg, that's bad bad. I hope everything will be alright from now on, good thing you can get back to blogspehere, at least you can share :)

    the stalker thing... kinda scary, never really had one before. and everyone I know seems to have a problem with banks. =|

  4. Hope things get better real soon, that burger sounds gross, I wouldn't eat at wherever you got that from again!

  5. you're back!!!!!!!!yayy ^^
    and ewwwww pubic hair....that's just grossssss
    im sorry you've been havin such a tough time, but you know right, it's always the sunshine after the rain :) everything will blow over soon

  6. hi. i was blogwalking and came across your blog. very interesting! stalker? i've had one more than a year ago and guess what... they don't really disappear. they just give you time to rest and then strike again. poor them! it's as if you are the only reason why they are still alive. you have to fight back! expose them! ggrrrr! i hope things will get better for you... ^_^

    and oh? did you say pubic hair? OMG! my mom in CA has to know this. thanks a lot for sharing! ^_^ see you around! keep safe! *hugs!*

  7. @Erica: heyyy thanks!!! :)
    i sure missed this too. i love blogging, it's like therapy! :D lol

    @Wilmaryad: Thans for the tip! I was having a hard time getting it to make sense with the text hehehe

    @Little Miss Tiara: I found the perfect sketch from South Park on banking experience... lol its in my new post "nagging, part 1"

    @Mik: Do you have In N' Out ver there?

    @Manju: Oh please let it be true hahaha it's been a while since I've been having "a hard week" - it's become a couple of months now haha

    @i_wander: thanks for stopping by!!! I think I really will blog about the stalker, I've had this in my mind for a while... then when se comes back I'll surprise her ;)
    tell your mom to watch out for In N'Out french fries!!! lol

  8. i wanted to be have an a perfect life i'ven waiting for the perfect girl that can make my life completed !!\


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