Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Being a third culture kid living in a second foreign country like me is very different in many instances. Father's Day, as well as Mother's Day, is one good example.

I was born in Brazil (as were my parents), and there we celebrate Father's day in August. Nevertheless, I was raised in Portugal, and my parents still live there, where they celebrate Father's Day in March.
I live in California now. Father's Day was yesterday here in the US. It's funny that most people I know ask me kind of in a pitiful way "What are your plans for Father's Day?" because I don't have parents to spend these days with...

I used to care.
I actually used to care and be upset about it... nowadays I look at the glass half full. I get to "celebrate" Father's Day 3 times in a year. Mother's Day twice (it's the same here and in Brazil). And I guess the parents also like the extra attention. And when I'm here, I get to hang out with people who are taking good care of me while I'm here. So there's no reason to feel pity for me.

By the way, that's my Dad in the picture, Mr. Kawauchi, standing next to Mr. Koizumi, Japan's ex Prime Minister. My Dad was Mr. Koizumi's interpreter in his last visit to Portugal. Yes, it's good to have a Father to look up to :)


  1. i was working on father's day so not much fun to be had there.
    thanks for visiting my blog. =) i hope you have overcome the terrible driver's test.
    oh and i use pinacle studio as my video editing software. i like making videos too. =)
    Oh and i know this might be a weird weird question but... what nationality are you?
    It's just you look soooo much like my mom did when she was my age.

  2. wow... very impressive your father haha

    well, at least you have a father to celebrate with.
    mine ran off to l.a. when I was 5-6 something... Last time I saw him was like 4-5 years ago...


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