Monday, June 15, 2009


All my life, I've had issues with the Rebecas I met. There's one more in my list now: Rebeca from the DMV.

If you go on any of the driving tests DMV booklets, they will say "THE DMV WANTS YOU TO PASS THE TEST, THE EXAMINER JUST WANTS TO MAKE SURE YOU'RE DRIVING SAFELY."

Hey, I know I drive safely, ok? In fact, I know I drive a lot better than a lot of people out there. So how come I can't get a license???
Before taking the exam for the first time, I read this website on behind-the-wheel tests, I quote:
Remember - the examiner is not out to get you. The examiner is not prejudiced against your age, gender, race or religion. If you flunk the driving test, you deserved to flunk it.

Oh really, Mr. Bob??? How enlightened of you to say that. After reading this, there I went all confident that I would pass the test, until Becky, on my first attempt, instructed me to make an ilegal lane change, a left turn past the left turn lane entrance, made me stop in the middle of a right of way right turn and marked me off for that, among other things... and her comments on some of my "mistakes" were "I bet could pull this off, but are you sure you could? I think it would be dangerous."

Today I saw Becky once more, for my delight. The exam went very smoothly, she didn't say a word except for the instructions, and on the corner before we turned back to the DMV parking lot, she looks down to her sheet and suddenly starts marking random mistakes on the sheet, including a critical driving mistake (which, from what I recall, should immediately terminate the exam, if she didn't do it, it didn't happen - and really, it didn't). After I parked the car, she doesn't give me any explanations, just says "you had 18 mistakes which is unsatisfactory" and walks out of the car. Seriously?

I do wish I get her one more time, and regardless of the results, I will present a formal complain to the DMV. I know I can drive well and I follow the rules.

This is me in a few years from now...


  1. Dont worry. I took the test... twice and failed but I passed on the 3rd.
    I didn't have an evil instructor though. i was just being nervous and silly. I believe in you!
    3rd times the charm!

  2. she did the same thing to bf.
    grrrrrr... i'll try a different dmv office.

  3. I passed the third time too! Evil DMV workers should have their very own level of hell :)


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