Saturday, July 11, 2009

10 Random Facts


I was tagged by the Toothfairy to write this, it took me a while but here it comes:

1. I procrastinate. As you may have noticed. And that goes for pretty much EVERYTHING. Activities, chores, plans, dreams... It's a terrible flaw and I hate it, and I really want to change it... but I procrastinate the change too. This post is a good example of this, another good example is my bedroom. I took a picture of it on the same day I moved, to show it to my family in Brazil. I said "it's messy cause we just moved in, but I'll send you the pics once we get it totally furnished and cleaned up!" - that was over 2 months ago.

2. I talk too much. Boyfriend complains a lot about this, he keeps telling me I need not to fill the silent gaps, but I do, I really do. People say I'm my mom's daughter, cause she talks a lot too. And so does my grandma. My sister is said to be the quiet girl in the family, but boyfriend complains that she talks too much too. Both my dad and my bro are very quiet, they stick to the basics. But my other grandma - dad's mom - says he's the blabber in the family. I guess all my uncles on that side of the family are mute.

3. I used to be a lot better with my writing than I am today. Writing used to be a therapy, I had journals, I wrote letters, I wrote articles and chronicles... When I took my CPE exam from Cambridge, I got "Exceptional Writing Skills". I wished I practiced more.

4. This blog is actually over 7 years old. It has had several different (and totally unrelated) layouts and titles. I hid the older posts, because some people like to spy on me (I think I'll write a post about them one of these days). I started writing this originally in Portuguese, and it was kind of like... unread letters to my high school sweet heart. Pathetic, huh?

5. I really wanted to live in Sweden. I was talking on MSN to my friend, she wrote "I wanna move to Sweden!!! Let's move to Sweden!" - My dad was sitting right next to me, I said "Dad, I think I'm gonna move to Sweden." He said "ok" and 3 months later my friend and I were having the best 3 months in our lives. I only stayed for 3 months due to visa status, she is there until today. None of us would like to live in Sweden now.

6. My coming to the USA was a trajectory's accident. I was aiming for Sweden, as I said before. I had been waiting for my new visa to arrive for over 6 months, it was getting me stressed and annoyed and unemployed. So I had a job offer here in the States, I thought I'd come since I had the visa already... just until my Swedish visa came out. As you may have noticed, I changed my mind.

7. My family is pretty international. I live in the US, my sister lives in Brazil, my parents and my brother live in Portugal. I used to date this guy in Sweden, now I live with boyfriend, who just came from Brazil. His sister lives in Taiwan.

8. For some reason, I was always a "popular" girl. Since I was a little kid. In school, I was always part of the "coolest gangs". I somehow hung out with many different gangs - pretty much 99% of the school knew me, that kind of pissed my BFF off, she was a bit possessive when it came to Elize time. When I grew up and moved to Brazil, not much changed. I used to go out a lot, had VIP passes to all parties and concerts... When I went back to Portugal, I was the new gang's sweetheart Brazilian hottie, they'd commute for 1h/day to pick me up and drop me off every single day. That whole popularity thing changed after I moved to the US.

9. My life used to be a lot more interesting. And I realize that in moments like these, when I have to say something and I can't think of anything. My life used to be pretty exciting, and everyone used to say they wished they had my life... now my life is just boring. I'm like a housewife with 5 kids.

10. I cry over spilled milk. It is very likely that, as soon as I hit "publish", I'll think of 25 better things I could have written, and I didn't.

Oh! I forgot something *kinda* important.
I have to tag 10 bloggers:

1. Segue a Linha
2. Noah Alexandre Chen
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  1. OK, I love the post! and I did nr 10 too... hahaha

    btw... who's spying on you :S that sounds so scary!
    Love your mixed background...

    I was already wondering when you were going to post this! :P


  2. i procrastinate & talk too much too! haha. we all have our faults.

    also, i think you're a great writer so i'm not sure why you think you need more "practice".

    and before i forget, here are my 10 things! (i got tagged last week, but thanks for tagging me again) :)

  3. Adorei! Sou o único blog in portuguese da lista! e o único POBRE que vem comentar em portugues tb.. hahuahah Eu não li o post de hoje... depois tento ler e entender com calma. =) Sobre as críticas, não vai ser sempre! de vez enquando eu vou pegar uma bandinha e critica-la! =D

  4. @toothfairy: lol i have a not-so-secret stalker... i'm thinking of writing a post about it, since she just visited me again last night ;)
    and yes, i did think of better things to say afterwards lol

    @erica: onnn you're just too sweet and polite, i think i stall too much on my writing...
    anyways, silly me, u're the one who tagged toothfairy in the first place, and i even commented on your 10 facts... ahaha nevermind...

    @robert: hahaha vc nem é pobre de comentar em portugues, vc é exótico, pq é o único q fala uma lingua diferente aqui huahauhuah

  5. hey sweetie! thanks for the tag, i just completed my 10 randoms. i'm such a procrastinator too and i know exactly what you mean!i wanna get rid of this habit, but i keep putting off the's terrible T_T
    and i'm really talkative too haha
    i think it's so cool how your family's international


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