Monday, July 20, 2009

The Patch

So boyfriend is on the patch now.

He's been a smoker for a few years now and he has always found it very hard to quit. A couple of weeks ago I suggested he started using patches - at first he didn't even seem to be listening but then, one fine day, out of the blue he comes up to me and says "Let's go buy patches."

This is really nice for me. When I was visiting in Brazil, he was smoking about 1 1/2 boxes per day. That's just too much. And then there was the taste of cigarettes on each kiss, the breathing, the clothes...
After we arrived in the US, I told him he would have to reduce his intake drastically, and he was really good about it.

But even so... hours after he had his last cigarette, I could still smell it, and it was unpleasant. Specially for an ex-smoker (me).

So now I'm very proud to say: BOYFRIEND'S BEEN CLEAN FOR 5 DAYS AND COUNTING! :)
He says the patches are helping him a lot, he does not feel the cig cravings anymore, he feels his breathing is better, his skin looks better and even his alcohol tolerance is better! lol.

If you're trying to quit or know anyone trying... remember the patch!


  1. good luck good luck!
    tell your boyfriend is bad for his teeth as well :P


  2. @Toothfairy: yes I know!!! my sister also smokes and her teeth are sooooooooo yellow :( and she's only 32.

    i've always thought smoking to be a character flaw, so i always tried really hard to quit... i finally did it about 2 years ago :)

  3. good for u! :)
    n goodluck to your boyfriend. i hope he doesn't have too much of a hard time.
    i sure will take a pic of the necklace when wear it!
    have fun at the movies babes

  4. Well done, and hopefully he can keep at it and quit, think of the money he'll be saving.

  5. @Manju: boyfriend's doing incredibly well!!! thumbs up for him yay!!!

    @Mik: that's exactly what i told him!!! then he said... "i think if i add it upp, i might have spent over THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS in cigarettes over the past few years.
    sad, huh?

  6. Think of the gadgets and goodies you can spend the money on instead.


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