Friday, January 8, 2010

2010, finally!!!

Will this be a better year for blogging? I hope so.

Last year I tried really hard to be a "frequent blogger", but that was a complete fail... either I had no time or I had no energy to sit and write about what was going on in my life - or I was too ashamed to come and whine non stop hehe.

The truth is, 2009 was probably the worst year of all 28 years I've been in this planet. I have never looked forward to a new year as much as I did this time, and still I never got to make plans or resolutions... I was just hoping to make it through the new year - and I did. Good riddance.

Anyways, to sum up... the end of the year was quite catastrophic, my roommates broke several rules on our leasing contract which got us 4 or 5 eviction threats in the past 6 months, they illegally subleased the place to 2 other kids - one of them just happened to be a druggie, I and literally feared for my life every night when I went to sleep, because my bedroom door had no locks, they all decided they wouldn't pay for the bills and taxes and other expenses in the house, which left me with thousands of dollars worth of debt... that I am still working on paying off.

Due to all this, boyfriend could not stay here any longer... he couldn't get a job, I had been cut back to work part-time only... it was hard to support the 2 of us - so boyfriend is now back in Brazil and I'm here in California. We're a few thousand miles apart and hanging.

I moved back to my "family"'s house, it's saving me a lot of money and grief, and I can see "my" babies as often as I want - they make it tolerable to be away from boyfriend.
2009 is gone and so I thought I'd give this a new face... and hopefully I won't whine nearly as much, and post a lot more!!! :)

Oh, also... since I changed the layout, whoever wants to be linked on the side column, please leave a shout out on my comments, that would be helpful! :)

Here's a little video of New Year's... boyfriend had already left, so my family decided to go to Vegas. Those are the fireworks from Planet Hollywood seen from our hotel room.


  1. :) 2010 is yet to come!! Hold on tight!

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  3. hi there! i'm glad you blogged! ^_^ and i'm so sorry to hear about your "ex-roommate"...

    i get that feeling too, sometimes... too lazy to get up to blog. :) anyway, happy 2010 to you and to your lovies! :)


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