Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bad Request

So clearly there's something wrong going on with my browser that does not allow me to post on my blog or comment on other people's blogs. Although my dear friend GAG has patiently tried to help me on every crash, I haven't really been able to fix them, due to my complete illiteracy. What I came up with was... use Safari!
So well, although I am a proud Mac user, I do not care for Safari, but as far as blogging goes - for now -, it's getting the job done! :)

Apparently blogging is not the only bad request I've made lately. I was looking forward to having my "grandma" come over for a visit and it's always a bit frustrating that she only stays for a couple of days - it always seems like such a short visit (she lives in Tennessee), so I was happy that she would finally come for a full 2 week visit.
Today it is a week since her arrival and I cannot wait for her to go back home. There is a reason why she only stays for a few days at a time, I know that now!

She's 2 hours jet-lagged (2 hours ahead of California time), and being a senior she naturally gets up early. She gets up at 6am Tennessee time, which is 4am our time. She starts trotting around the house, and because she knows her daughter (my "mom", with whom I moved in with after boyfriend left) sleeps in, and I am kind of an early bird (certainly not by option), she feels it's ok to just walk in my room at 5am, turn light on and start talking to me - by the way, she's old and doesn't hear well, so she doesn't really talk, she yells.

Monday I was in the worst possible mood because I do need to take some time waking up... and not talking to anybody. I decided to sleep in a little bit since I was starting work later that day, but I obviously didn't do that since she had the housekeeper wake me up: "aren't you supposed to go to work???"
Well, you know... I'm 28 years old, I know how to wake up in time to go to work, and if I'm not up, NO, I DO NOT NEED TO GO TO WORK.

Then she keeps asking me to drive her around all day long... better yet, she doesn't ask, she just tells me "today I'm going to the mall and get my shirt exchanged" and then she will let me know when Ms. Daisy is ready to go.

I mean, I keep telling myself "this is just temporary, she'll be here for only 1 more week.. you can take it", and I really am good with older people in general... but I just don't understand why some seniors think they are above laws, good manners, good sense and other people's right to privacy???

Does anyone else ever have problems dealing with seniors???


  1. Allow me to laugh out loud here, Princess!

    !!! LMAO !!!

    I'm sorry Grudge-ma is messing with you. That's what they do. She'll be gone soon. I hope she is kind, though. :)

    My mom and brother sleep way too early but I'm a night owl. They're so inconsiderate in the morning that they speak out loud and argue while I'm trying to continue sleeping.

    HATE it! :p

  2. awwwwww just try to bear with it a little more. family always tends to be a little inconsiderae sometimes, but we love them anyway :)

  3. Somebody has just had a badge for their blog created and judiciously placed on another blog. ;)

  4. You should update this blog more often ;)

  5. I agree, MFDL. Liliz, where are you?


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