Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3 Months Late & Strange Food Craves

Is it weird that I've been overwhelmed with life to a point I can't keep up with my blog? I guess that's just a taken nowadays.

Anyways, it is a fact that I am 3 months late on my period (sorry to make you read this, if you're a man!), but it is also a fact that I've taken at least 5 pregnancy tests over this past period and all came negative. I have yet another appointment at the OBGYN next week to try a new pill and see if it'll make me normal again.

This is just one of the many things going on in my life right now. Another thing is, I am just recovering from a 1 month long illness. For the first time ever in my life I had an ear infection (viral, got it from a kid I babysat, just my luck), and for the first time in my life (as far as I can remember) I had to take antibiotics.
Let's just say my family has never been too big on western medicine so we always ended up with home remedies. But this time it was brutal, I could barely get out of bed and walk for a few days, when boyfriend decided to - literally - drag me to the Doctor.

Drama never comes alone, and as I got sick my grandma was admitted to the ER back in Brazil. I called my Uncle periodically to check on her, and as she got better and was moved to a room with a phone line, I got worse, and thus pushed back calling her. My illness had a peak on Tuesday Nov10th, when I went to the doctor.
As I woke up on Wednesday, alleviated by the drugs, my Mom calls breaking the news: Grandma had just passed away.

She wasn't that Grandma with whom we grew up with or anything, but she was Grandma, you know? And even though I only saw her once every couple of years when I was in Brazil, I miss the fact that she's not in this World.

I hate the tone of my blog lately, but does anyone else thing this year is being one of those years??? BLARGH.

While I was sick, I could barely eat and it feels great to be healthy again. But I started making soups, and although it's not such a weird crave like eating scorpions but with so many other yummy stuff to eat, why do I keep having soup cravings???
The days that I don't have soup for dinner, I end up craving it even if I have just had a juicy hamburger or a delicious pasta or korean bbq... it really doesn't matter what I eat, by the end of the day... I just want my soup.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fail

This was the first Halloween that boyfriend spent here in the US. Back in Brazil, we don't celebrate Halloween like they do here... some people will go to costume parties between mid-October to mid-November, but I guess that's it.
Here in the US people go to town. They decorate their houses with lights, skeletons, graveyards, spiders, spiderwebs, mummies, zombies, pumpkins, scarecrows and so it goes... I decided to be part of that and I put out 4 pumpkins on my front door, a door crown with fall theme and a little scarecrow on the little garden in the front yard.

I was so looking forward to Halloween, I bought about 5 pumpkin carving sets, a booklet with pumpkin designs, and I thought this would be an experience boyfriend would like.

One week before Halloween I get sick, and although I take the week off, I take an extra job because hey - we need the money -, I spend the whole week running around sick, and when I finally stay home to rest I realize it's already Saturday, Oct 31st.

I wake up late, run to the store to buy some candy for the trick-or-treaters and also make some treat bags for my little ones, buy dinner on the way, take treats to my kids and run back home with about 7kg (15lb) of candy and 2 xtra large pizzas.
I was so frustrated that I never even got the time to carve my pumpkins, and on top of it all, boyfriend didn't seem to care at all.

Poured the candy into the cauldron and turned the porch lights on. Nothing. The house was silent, the street was silent. I go upstairs, and finally at around 10pm I hear someone knocking at the door and saying "TRICKS OR TREATS!!!" - it was Brett, our new roommate. He grabbed one piece of candy and went to his room.

What am I gonna do with 15lb of candy now?
Hey, Charlie Brown! You're welcome to come over :(