Monday, June 14, 2010

The Marketing of Love

You know, the thing about having a blog and keeping it is just... being read. Sometimes, when you have things to say but feel you're not getting through to people, it just feels better to keep to one self, and maybe that's why I've been quiet for so long.

This Saturday, June 12th, was the day that Brazilian people celebrate "Valentine's Day", or just "dating day", since it's obviously not Valentine's but yes, the eve of St. Anthony's day. I personally think this is just a marketing holiday, since the actual Valentine's day is in February and Brazil is overwhelmed with Carnival at that time of the year. But this is just me ranting.

Anyways, I've never celebrated this date, so it really doesn't mean anything to me, I can hardly ever remember that it actually IS "dating day".
The 6 years I lived in Brazil (and up until now), I was either single or away from my beloved one on this date.
I then decided to, from now on, sabotage "dating day" in Brazil - boyfriend and I will only celebrate the actual Valentine's Day and, on June 12th, we'll just act as if it were any other day - in fact we might even pick a fight!

So, opposed to leaving a heart warming message, I thought I'd post instead a video with a song that has the power to break my heart by my just thinking of it.
It is so powerful, so sad and full of memories, that each time I listen to it I can actually feel all the pain and disappointment it once made me feel - talks about a love that is as big as it is uncertain.

I actually prefer the version sung by Evan Dando, but that's virtually impossible to find, so Amy Whinehouse does the trick. I don't care much for her, but she's amazing in this cover.

So please feel the pain in this video, and expect a more glittery happy post from me soon :)

trivia: did you know that this blog was once called "Will you still love me tomorrow", after that song?


  1. gawd! that's my mother's favorite song! she can sing it like carol king... :) i guess you were right about the love part... :(

  2. that's an amazing song!!girl don't give a damn about love holidays!it's a celebration every time you get up feeling in love!kind of cheesy but soooo true!!keep blogging!!

  3. Lilize - It is so good to read you again, babe. :)
    I think everyday should be like Valentine's Day when you're involved with someone, with the silly fights, the cheerful makeups, and everything in between. Limiting the celebration of love to a day or two or three or four, speaks volumes about how often love manifests itself in the couple, which is sad. I believe the main reason confine love celebrations to once a year is that they think love must be all rainbows and puppies, which is not true. True love shows up (or doesn't) when either (or both) lovers go through the worst phases of their respective lives.

    Oh, me and my ideals ... :)


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